Bubbles and data jam: The opening of Digital Social Science Lab

In about a year we have been working on getting all the bricks together for Faculty Library of Social Sciences’ Digital Social Science Lab, a space for education and events focusing on digital tools in social sciences, and now we can see the end: 18th of February 2016 will mark the official opening of DSSL.

It has been an awesome and rewarding journey to explore the possibilities and perspectives of data services in libraries all over the world (you know who you are fabulous NYC lab crew’s) and make them applicably to the realty of our faculty and university.

We will kick it all off with a opening event cocktail of bubbles and data jams:


Hope to see many of you there and that the event will be the start of some spectacular years for Digital Social Science Lab and the people who uses it.

Cheers, The Lab Crew

23765648763_2a62d122a5_oThe Lab Crew: Yours truly, The Lab Owl, Michael and Mads 

24129963822_e74c486480_oDigital Social Science Lab in the making. Hopefully everything will be ready for the 18th of Feb.


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