From Denmark to Melbourne: A new Captain on everybody’s Library Planet

Back in 2018 Marie and I launched Library Planet – the crowdsource travel guide to libraries of the world. Since then so many fantastic libraries from French Polynesia to Sweden has been added to the map of libraries of the world with yours contributions and willingness to share the library love.

As I wrote in the beginning of September, Marie and I don’t have the time and resources to carry on with Library Planet the way it deserves and we were looking for good people to take on the job and make Library Planet spin again

I’m thrilled to announce that we have a new captain on Library Planet as Stuart Kells will be taking over from this date. Stuart is a life-long books and library lover and has traveled the world to find and share great experiences with both. Stuart is a historian and author based in Melbourne, Australia, and has written many praised books and one of my own favorite’s is the library love story “The Library: A Catalogue to Wonders”.

I could not be more thrilled that Stuart will take over on Library Planet and I hope you are all keen on sharing your great library experiences again. Same procedure as always:

For now a wholehearted thank you for everybody who supported Library Planet over the years and shared the library love. A new journey has begun with Library Planet – enjoy it

All the best




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