Why, what and how? The Digital Social Science Lab Declaration

We are creating a data lab at The Faculty Library of Social Sciences at Copenhagen University Library. It’s called Digital Social Science Lab.

Digital Social Science Lab is an open platform and a physical learning environment for connecting academia to digital tools through education and events focusing on digital methods and data literacy within social sciences.

In order to communicate the meaning, vision and value of Digital Social Science Lab we have worked out a declaration which pinpoints the why’s, what’s and how’s of the lab. It goes like this:

The Digital Social Science Lab Declaration

  • In a time where human behaviour increasingly takes place in the digital domain, contemporary research calls for an interaction between traditional academia and modern digital technologies.
  • Therefore, Digital Social Science Lab (DSSL) is intended as an open platform for education and events focusing on digital methods in social sciences.
  • Equipped with powerful iMacs and PC-workstations, 3 projectors and software for harvesting, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data, DSSL is ready for the exploration of the world of digital methods.
  • But in DSSL we don’t just want you to be a passive receiver of knowledge – we want you be an active knowledge creator!
  • Therefore, the space is designed as an dynamic and aesthetically inspiring learning environment – ready to fuel your creativity and launch experimentation leading to scientific innovation.
  • The lab is also intended as an offer for all staff members, who wish an alternative to the traditional lecture hall situation.
  • Moreover, we want to facilitate the sharing of skills, knowledge and perspectives across subjects, professions and institutions.
  • So we hereby invite everybody from students to researchers to participate in co-creating the DSSL-environment. Don’t hesitate to take initiative and get in touch with us, if you want to get involved.

The DSSL Declaration will be used to communicate the message and meaning to faculty members and students – hopefully they will connect with it.






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