New job – expanding the picture

After 4 amazing and fantastic years as Director of Libraries and Citizen Services in Roskilde Municipality I will take on a new role as Director of Culture, Libraries and Sports, still in Roskilde Municipality.

In the new position, I will still hold my current responsibility for libraries, citizen services, local archives, our culture house for children and the function as Central Library for the Region of Zealand and Bornholm. New on my desk is the municipality unit supporting the development of culture, arts and sports in Roskilde and the great institutions of Musical and Culture Schools, our democratic melting pot, The City’s House (Byens hus) and municipality sports facilities. All in all the organization will have around 240 great people on board.

I hope and believe the new organization will give us the opportunity to make the shared area of culture and sports even more relevant in the local and national agenda on creating stronger communities. In my work with libraries, I’ve always been very focused on not to develop libraries inside a diving bell but to open them up and connect them with other relevant institutions, units and citizens with the ambition to join forces, resources and ideas to make a significant impact. Many days it has been a joy ride but we have also meet obstacles when it comes to gathering resources and finding common ground and goals. Having the full responsibility of culture, libraries and sports in Roskilde Municipality will open many doors when we aim at fulfilling what the can bring to society: Learning, community, diversity, accessibility, mental health, inclusion, joy of reading and all the utterly important things culture, arts, libraries and sports brings to individuals and communities.

Looking forward to the ride





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