Wonna take over Library Planet?

Back in 2018 my fantastic library buddy Marie and I were having a chat on how traveling and visiting libraries are such a great combination. We agreed that the world needed a kinda Lonley Planet for libraries and I threw out a tweet about the idea:

Turned out Marie and I was not the only one that liked the idea and a few days later in late 2018 Library Planet was born: https://libraryplanet.net/

Library Planet is like a crowdsourced travel guide for libraries of the world meant to inspire library travelers to open the awesome book that is our world of libraries, countries and communities.

We wanted to give people a map to the world of libraries and we want to give people an opportunity to share your experiences with the libraries you visit.  Library Planet consists of descriptions of libraries and library visits from all over the world – from Moorea in French Polynesia to Calgary in Canada and also add on experiences with the local community and were to have the good coffee, drinks or maybe a museum visit.

Caroline Rediviva Library in Uppsala, Sweden

Library Planet is crowdsourced, everybody can share something from a library visit, and we are thankful for all the library stories that has been hitting Library Planet over the years.

At this time Marie and I don’t have the time and resources to carry on with Library Planet the way it deserves. Not that it is a big effort or anything like an extra job but it takes a little focus and care to set-up posts on the site and to encourage library travelers to share the library love on Library Planet.

Library Planet is to good an idea to just slowly wither away so we are looking for a few good people to take on the job and make Library Planet spin again. If that is you or somebody you know please write us at travellibraryplanet@gmail.com and we get it going.

Library Planet is just basic WordPress and easy to operate. Contribution to Library Planet are just send by email with text and pictures and most entries just takes a little editing because library travelers care about how they share stuff. See how to contribute here: https://libraryplanet.net/contribute/

Read more about Library Planet here: https://libraryplanet.net/about-library-planet/

Notable mentions of Library Planet around the web: https://libraryplanet.net/in-the-press/

Let’s share some library stories – thanks in advance and library hugs from Christian and Marie


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