I’ve done several talks on libraries and leadership. See them all on Slideshare

Pick of recent presentations, some including blog post on talk:

LIBER Lag Conference, Vienna 2018: Beyond tables and chairs: The Library as facilitating platform
Text of talk:

Opening talk at Ångström Visualization Lab, Uppsala 2017: Towards Rubicon: Digital Methods, Openness and Belonging
Text of talk:

Library Connect Webinar on data literacy, 2017: The Library of today might not fit the reality of tomorrow
Text of talk:

Keynote at The REBIUN Conference, Palma de Mallorca, 2016: Towards Rubicon: A Story About Libraries That Turn And Face The Strange
Text of talk:

Digital Social Science Lab: Connecting academia with digital tools
Blog post: 

Talk at OCLC EMEA Conference, Madrid 2016: Explayning The Library brick by brick – a Library LEGO stop-motion movie
Blog post:


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