My name is Christian and my business is supporting research, education and learning. I work the libraries to do that. Also: Music listener, LEGO Aficionado, Ukulele jammer, Football player. Based in Copenhagen.

I believe libraries are crucial institution in every community, public as academic to create and open, more diverse, inclusive and equal world. I believe access to open knowledge and open data combined with the skills and the space to foster this creates significant value to communities and I believe that the key to lift this is skilled library workers – the most important asset of any library.

I’m working at The Royal Danish Library as director of Roskilde University LibraryThe Faculty Library of Social Sciences and The Administrative Library. Besides that I’m the editor of LIS magazine REVY.

Launched Digital Social Science Lab at The Faculty Library in the beginning of 2016. Digital Social Science Lab is a space for bringing new technology together with skills and academia in order to support research, education and studies at the University. Currently working on creating a similar open space at Roskilde University Library.

Views expressed on The Library Lab belongs to me and does not necessary reflect the one of my employer.

E-mail: cula at kb dot dk
Twitter: @clauersen
Instragram: @librarylovestories 



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