The Snowden-Badass-Librarians Button

So Edward Snowden joined Twitter and recently he did a tweet on how the Library Freedom Project stepped up against Department of Homeland Security in there attempt to stop the Tor relay pilot at Kilton Library, New Hampshire:

Goes without saying that Library Land went nuts over this rather powerful support from a prolific gentleman within internet privacy. Snowden ended the tweet with the statement: “Librarians are badass”.

He is right and when somebody is right i calls for a button. So we started the button maker at my library and ended up with this bad boy:


After I tweeted bout the button I got a lot of inquiries from librarians all over the world that wanting to know how to get there hands on this little piece of button art. I’m not gonna start and button industry but I’m happy to share the template so you folks can make you own.

Find the templates in this Dropbox folder (both single pic template (.jpeg) and in a pdf print version with 24 pic’s).

Enjoy! #LibrariansAreBadass




  1. There are many ways to stand up for privacy in this country but I don’t think that Edward Snowden s a good role model. I see him as a traitor to his country and there were a number of ways that he could have made him point other than releasing sensitive information. The fact that he has fled to Russia gives up plenty to worry about his character.


    • Barbara wake up! The fact that he has fled to Russia says enough about how your Government is treating whistleblowers. One day you will find out that the people who are running your country are the traitors and that Snowden is really a hero!


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