A map of Data Labs in Libraries

Inspired by Amanda Goodman’s Map of 3D Printers in Libraries I’m building a map of data labs in libraries around the world.

Hit me on Twitter at @clauersen or in the comment section if you got a lab that should be added

A library data lab is in the context defined as a lab that provides data services (like software for statistics, mapping, visualization and data wrangling and the hardware and skills to support this) and facilitate learning activities within this area. At The Faculty Library of Social Sciences, Copenhagen University Library we are currently in the process on building Digital Social Science Lab.

Data Labs in Libraries is made via Google Maps

1565 Forlani - Universale Descrittione Di Tutta la Terra Consciuta Fin Oui 2Forever mankind has been mapping the world. Now time has come to library data labs.



  1. Hi! Could you please add Florida International University’s Library (Miami, FL) to this map? We have a quite active Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center, complete with a dedicated research lab space, teaching lab space, and service + maps lab space, and we are actively developing a Digital Scholar Studio to expand upon our data lab amenities.


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