The fine art of letting others tell The Library Story

I like the concept of letting other relevant parties tell The Library Story instead of just the library professionals. Having a student tell peers how valuable a library Zotero course was or a researcher who chat’s up fellow researchers on how he/she got help with a systematic review is some of the best advocacy libraries can get.

Us, the library professionals, will always tell the story and so we should but the peer to peer library story – good as well as bad – often has a different degree of impact than the story we tell. It’s a bit like getting a restaurant recommended by a friend vs. getting it recommended by the restaurant owner.

Libraries can use this approach proactive by facilitating the stories being told. A recent example is the new “Save time and improve your research” movie from Copenhagen University Library were PhD students tells the story bout the library’s ph.d. course and what they gained from it.

Libraries creates value. Let’s keep telling that story but also make sure that others tells it. Enjoy the movie!

“Save time and improve your research” is made by information specialists Rasmus Rindom Riise and Anders Bonatto Fisker 


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