There are some new kids in Library Town – say hi to Python, Qualtrics and QGIS

At The Faculty Library of Social Sciences, Copenhagen University Library, we are working towards the creation of Digital Social Science Lab (DSSL) – a very very cool three-legged library lab monster which aim is to:

1) Make a highly mobile study environment with the opportunity of events, teaching, lectures and collaboration.

2) Provide software and hardware relevant to social science to students and faculty members plus guidance in these programs. Programs relevant could be NVivo, Atlas.ti, R Studio, Zotero and different kinds of GIS-software.

3) Facilitate events and workshops focusing on digital tool within social science.

The reason? Simple: To contribute with value to the academic process. As we always did. Just now there are some new kids in library town to be taken serious.

We just got the first draft of the software package for DSSL ready and what a funky bunch.

[drum roll] Introducing:

Qualitative software: NVivo, ATLAS.ti, Qualtrics and MAXqda

Quantitative software: Stata, SPSS, GNU PSPP, R and R Studio

Mapping / GIS: QGIS, Gephi, Geosetter, Google Fusion Tables

Programming / web scraping tools: Python (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, MatplotLib, rPy2, IPython), Unix Shell and SQL.

Audio, video and presentation: Gimp, Jing, iMovie, Prezi, Heiku Deck, Soundtrack Pro, VLC Media Player, Pinnacle Studio, Magisto.

Bibliographic tools: Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley, ReadCube

Study tools: EverNote, OneNote, TagPad, SurveyMonkey.

Very important note: The aboved mentioned is not just some software that The DSSL put up for grabs and provide to students and faculty members. It’s programs and software that we supervice, support and connect with academia, studies, research, learning and education at The Faculty of Social Sciences and The Copenhagen University Library. The librarians at DSSL are gonna know what this is about and that is the key to creating value for the academic society.

Damn am I excited!




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