Run Librarian, Run: Cooper for Libraries 2015 #cooper4libs

Inspired by the great library advocacy project Cycling for Libraries The Library Lab brings you Cooper for Libraries the 2015 edition.

Cooper for Libraries is an yearly running event were librarians and library lovers across the world run the famous Cooper Test in order to advocate for the importance of libraries in both public society and academic institutions and to build physical and mental well-being of people in the library and life-long learning community.

The Cooper Test was invented in 1968 by Kenneth H. Cooper for U.S. Military use. The test itself is simple: Run as long as you can in 12 minutes. It’s a great test were you get to train and improve on both stamina and speed – valuable assets in the modern learning society.

Endomondo could be used for tracking and that’s were you find the #cooper4libs 2015 challenge but other running app’s a just a old fashion running watch is more than welcome.

The first Cooper for Libraries event will take place in June. You can track ass many runs as you like – the more the better. This is not about winning but best Cooper will for sure win a bottle of bubbles (and worldwide fame for sure).

Show the world some running library love with Twitter hashtag #cooper4libs

Let’s show the world how great and important libraries are – and that librarian can run like the wind.

Happy running librarians from Copenhagen University Library


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