Join Tour de Libraries 2021

Cycling and libraries! Tour de Libraries 2021 is on

This summer I’ve decided to combine two of my fave things, libraries and cycling, with Tour de Libraries. The concept is simple; ride your bike and visit a library. Do as many stages as you like and share the library and cycling love with #tourdelibraries2021 – we’ll ride all July

Hoping to see lots of library and cycling joy to be shared from around the world in the coming weeks – I’ll be shaing myself on both Twitter and Instagram (ride data tracked on Strava)

Below featured some library and cycling moments from the different stages in my own Tour de Libraries 2021 – will be updated continuosly



Stage 1: Guldborgsund Public Library

34 km at Falster in the southern part of Denmark. Hilly and open landscape with lots of fields and space. Stopped at Guldborgsund Public Library in the city of Nykøping. Neat library which matches the landscape – lots of space and openness. The cold tap water was also great 🙂

Guldborgsund Public Library
Lots of fields at stage 1

Stage 2: Solrød Public Library

47 km from Køge to Dragør, Denmark. Great ride by the sea and crossing the bridge between Zealand and Amager which gave a spetacular view. Stopped at Solrød Public Library which is a great library. Neat collection, lots of different zones, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

Solrød Public Library

Stage 3: Vinderup Public Library

Headed towards Jutland today and took a great ride on the roads around Sevel and Vinderup with Vinderup Public Library as the target. Short stage on 20 km with nice landscape, lots of fields and great biking roads.

The library was just closing as I came but I ran into the local librarian, Jonna, which both provided me with fresh cold water and a great chat about librarianship, community service and skills. Jonna been a librarian for 40 years and knows what it is all about – super lovely to meet her. Vinderup Public Library is a classic one-room library, neat collection and the best of staff

The cycling librarian and Jonna

Stage 4: Struer Public Library

Todays stage was a 50 km ride from Sahl to Struer. Great weather and nice ride by the sea. Struer is the acclaimed ‘City of Sound’ due to the large impact on the sound industry with companies like Bang & Olufsen etc but rumors says it also holds a pretty amazing library.

Unfortunate my roadbook was not fully updated so the library was closed when I got there. Looking through the windows it looked stellar and I really hope the roads take me back one day

Stage 4: Struer Public Library

Stage 5: Holstebro Public Library

Neat 43 km ride from Idom to Sahl in the west-middle part of Jutland. Stopped at Holstebro Public Library on the way and enjoyed the calm shade from the proud building at the center of Holstebro City. The ride was great with parts of both long straight roads and small curvy elements in the countryside. As common in these areas lots of fields and windmills 💚

Pitstop at Holstebro Public Library

Stage 6: Skive Public Library

FAN – TAS – TIC 53 km ride from Sahl to Skive and back again with an awesome library pitstop on the way. Hilly roads, green and yellow fields, windmills and great weather was on the menu plus a very cool library much worth a visit. 3 floors with different zones for different purposes, kinda unique wooden decor, neat calm colors, great collections and super friendly staff that greated me when I’ve arrived and had a little something special for me in the form of an extremly cool homemade lasercut bicycle bookmark

Perfect stage in Tour de Libraries

Stage 7: Libraries of Ulstrup, Bjerringbro and Langå

Utterly epic stage with 38 km crossing 3 different municipalities visiting 3 different public libraries

First stop was Ulstrup Public Library in Farverskov Municipality, DK. Ulstrup is a small town with two great assests; The river of Gudenåen runs through (oh please give it a go if you are around) and they have a super neat local library. Ulstrup Public Library is a great one-room library with all wooden shelves and lots of local visitors

Second stop: Bjerringbro Public Library in Viborg Municipality, DK. Bjerringbro is hometown of global pibe water solution company Grundfos and a very nice public library at the heart of the city living together with cultural house, local archive and a cinema. Was greated by a book bicycle when I got there

Third stop: Langå Public Library in Randers Municipality, DK. The library was closed when I got there but super cool red brick building at the center of the city. Classy long hills in and around the city

Ulstrup Public Library
Ulstrup Public Library
The book bicycle at Bjerringbro Public Library
Bjerringbro Public Library
Bjerringbro Public Library
Langå Public Library
My bike and Gudenåen

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