Libraries by night: Like lighthouses in troubled water

As the pandemic still rage and the year 2020 is coming to an end, libraries still stand as lighthouses of community, learning and cultural activity. To salute this (and try to avoid lockdown madness) I decided to sneak out into the night over 12 days in December like a library ninja to capture libraries by night time to spread some light and joy. It was a special and wonderful experience to visit different public and academic libraries around Copenhagen after dark to see them stand steadfast and reminding us, that libraries are not closed during the pandemic – they are just different.

In this post I share some of the photos – more can be seen at my Instagram profile: libarylovestories



First night: Nørrebro Public Library in Copenhagen. Moved into this fine old train depot in 2019
Second night: The Faculty Library of Natural and Health Science. A part of The Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library.
Third night: The Faculty Library of Social Sciences. A part of The Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library. Before becoming a library it housed the Botanical Lab of the University of Copenhagen
Fourth night: The Main Library of Copenhagen in the very heart of the city
Fifth night: The Black Diamond – The Royal Library – shining by the waterfront
Sixth night: The old part of the Royal Danish Library. So much class
Seventh night: Blågården Public Library. A very important part of the local community
Eighth night: Rentemestervej Public Library. Stay golden
Ninth night: Danavejs Public Library. A little library treasure
Tenth night: Frederiksberg Main Library with ‘The Sun Girls’ in front
Eleventh night: Brønshøj Public Library. A lighthouse on the corner
Twelth and last night out for the library ninja: The Library of Copenhagen Business School

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