Every child should have a library in their life

Dragoer Public Library, Denmark

Neil Gaiman puts it so powerful in the qoute above (drawing by the amazing Chris Riddell). One of the biggest obstacles in this world is the lack of understanding between people blocking the ability to communicate and exchange ideas and the best way to raise literate children is to inspire them to read, make them love it. Libraries and library workers are among our most powerful weapons to succed just that.

An evening a few days ago I was reading and for some reason started thinking about my childhood library in Hornslet, Denmark. It had high ceilings, wooden floors and the smell of books was so present that if I close my eyes today I can still smell it and pictures from my quests among the shelves apears in my mind. I borrowed music and books of fantasy. I came there with my mom and at some point I was old enough to go by myself and I grew at least one meter because I was so proud. I remember my first library card and how it felt like a key to an neverending unexplored world and I remember the librarian helping my find new readings. The books was cheked out with a stamp in the back of the book.

It made me so happy and I just wanted to hear other childhood library memories so I asked this question on Twitter:

The replies have just hit my feed in a steady flow ever since and they are heartwarming, makes me smile and to me underlines the utter importance of having libraries in childrens lifes so I thought I collected them all for you in this post to spread a little joy – keep sharing the library love




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