How to kill a library in 7 easy steps

Sometimes putting things in reverse is a good way to make clear what is important and what needs to be done

  • Stop believing in the library. Do we actually have confidence in that old nonsens about empowering communities with literacy, access to information and support of lifelong learning?
  • Stop telling the library story. It’s old, they have all heard it before
  • Stop empowering and training library staff. They should be able to carry out the job when they start
  • Stop talking to and observing library users and non-users. At the end of the day we already know what a good library is
  • Stop all collaboration with other institutions and partners. They just mess things up
  • Stop using time on stakeholders. They should by now know the value of the library and give us the required funds. After all we have been around for 5000 years
  • Stop analyzing your surrondings and stop thinking about how to make a library that fits the needs of future communities. We’ve survived this far, right?





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