Exploring the data journey in social sciences

In Digital Social Science Lab (DSSL) at The Faculty Library of Social Sciences we support education, research and learning within social sciences by connecting students and faculty members with digital tools and methods through different kinds of events, workshops, lectures and projects.

Some instructions we handle our self and some we facilitate.

For the part we have in-house skills + software and hardware to carry out we have developed a data workflow. We like not only to focus on one thing, e.g. harvesting or cleaning, but to see the work with data in academia as a journey or a process where the different parts of handling and analyzing data is connected (actually the physical setup and decor of the lab also is grounded in the concept of traveling – I wrote about it here: https://christianlauersen.net/2015/11/23/to-work-with-data-is-to-travel/)

In order to communicate that + the types of software and hardware DSSL offers we have made this visualization:


My question to fellow data librarians, schorlary communication people and students + academics of the world is:

1) Does this visualization make sense?

2) Is there software and/or steps in the data workflow that should be added to the list?

The list has come to life after tons of coffee talks with students and faculty members who has shared there input to the concept of DSSL and the content we should work on.

Looking forward to your feedback






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