REVY Article Of The Year Award – 2015 edition

Yours truly with the REVY magic of 2015

A returning highlight on Danish LIS journal REVY is the celebration of REVY Article Of The Year Award. This year the editorial board has nominated three articles:

Forskernes informationsadfærd – et kvalitativt studie (REVY nr. 2 2015, s. 3 – 4)
By Mads Korsgaard, Faculty Library of Social Sciences, Copenhagen University Library
Abstract [article in danish]: With inspiration from the ubiquitous ideas around user-driven innovation and ethnographic methods The Faculty of Social Sciences Library, Copenhagen University Library, has done a a greater qualitative study of researchers and faculty members information behavior . This article reports on the study , some selected results as well as the methodical experiences.

The Craft of Research (REVY nr. 1 2015, s. 17 – 19)
By Joshua Kragh Bruhn, Thomas Basbøll og Mette Bechmann, CBS Library
Abstract [article in danish]: There is growing dissatisfaction with the students’ academic skills in universities. They are only marginally able to express themselves clearly in writing, it is said and they are superficial in their search for information. Society are not satisfied with the quality of the graduates , and students are not content with the lack of demands required for their active participation. This article focus on how CBS library is trying to support the academic skills of students through a instructional concept.

Some questions to ask before you say yes (REVY nr. 3 2015, s. 3 – 4)
By Ned Potter, York University Libraries
Abstract: There are all kinds of exciting opportunities in the information profession, and sometimes we find ourselves in danger of burning out because we can’t help but say yes to all of them. This article gives some pointers on how to balance the yes’ and the no’s in your career.

All three excellent articles, very well-written and with a focus that is highly relevant for people working in academic libraries. Now it’s up to the Board of Danish Research Library Association to point out a winner which will be revealed on the associations winter conference in the beginning of 2016.

Last years winner was global librarian and good friend Jan Holmquist with his article on Twitter as a tool for global network and inspiration (in Danish).  Jan couldn’t be there for the winning ceremony but he send excellent ‘Thank you for the award’-video [in danish]:

Jan is sending a big smile and thank you for the award to the crowd of the conference


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