Read my knuckles! Librarians making statements the badass way

Tattoos is pretty common now a days. Knuckle tattoos is not and they have allways struck me as pretty badass. Librarians with knuckle tattoos take badass to the next level.

I was working late one evening and I meet one of our new library student employees, Morten, who studies Library and Information Science in Copenhagen. We chatted a bit and then I noticed his knuckles: “READ MORE” they spelled out when he put them together. Pretty badass way to make a solid statement so I’ve wanted to check out if there were more library-related knuckle tattoos around library town. It’s not like the internet is over-floating with it but I manage to find a few so without further ado: here is the Top-5 Badass Knuckle Tattooed Librarians (got some inked knuckles? send it to The Library Lab):

Number 5: GOOGLE ITBrooklyn-tattoo-artist-Je-011
The lazy librarians message to library user

Number 4: BOOK WORM
mckibbens bookworm
A library is not all about the books but still a lot of us is really down with them

Number 3: CAT LADY
Well, goes for at least half the profession…

Live it and be proud of it!

Number 1: READ MORE22652818772_2cf5c18049_oSay hi to Morten, my new student employee who got a well-meant message to everybody who enters the library desk

The Library Lab is hooked on knuckle tattoos and says see you at the ink shop




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