Fellowship of Data Labs touring NYC – the quotes

New York City & The Labs  – the looking back part II

If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library
– Frank Zappa

I love quotes. There is nothing more satisfying than picking out the perfect quote for a speech or nailing someone in a discussion by trowing a Hemingway or Kieth Richards quote on the table. There was a lot of good talks on our data lab trip to New York and during those there was a lot of good quote-potential. I’ve picked out the best ones (in no particular order):

The trick is to lead and serve
– June Winland (Columbia) on the subject of saying no without saying no

A library approach focusing only on study space and information resources is not valid
– June Winland

I don’t give fish away, I learn people how to fish
– Ashley Jester (Columbia) on her approach to student and faculty support

Evidence, evidence, evidence
– Ashley Jester on the importance of collecting data on the use of software

We are past the area were the task of the librarian was to find stuff on a shelve
– Bob Scott (Columbia)

The old librarian sad in a glass box in the library like the fish in the tank at Chinese restaurants – no one notice the fish and not one notice the librarian
– Bob Scott

Lectures and books on digital humanities is not enough – we need to re-skill ourselves by getting down and dirty with the actually research process of faculty members
– Bob Scott

We need to interact a paradigm shift in scholarship towards more awareness of digital methods and tools
Matt Gold (GC Digital Initiatives)

Merging digital media, scholarship, and learning is not only good for student grades but it’s also valuable skills and projects that helps them get jobs after they leave the institution.
– Andrea Ades Vasquez (GC Digital Initiatives)

We need to look at data in a whole new way and connect it to people and projects instead of just looking it as something that should be store
– Ben Vershbow (NYPL Labs)

I take the “public” in “public library” very seriously
– Ben Vershbow

We are a faculty for everybody
– Josh Hadro (NYPL Labs) on the role of The New York Public Library

Sometimes I fell like a digital scholarship therapist
– Shana Kimball (NYPL Labs) on her role towards working with students and faculty members

Very well spoken New York City




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