Top 5 of bands you missed seeing live

Waiting for the Cold War Kids to take the stage at Terminal 5 Friday night, Library Lab Fellow, Michael, and I discussed bands or artists that you for some reason really wanted to experience live but never came around seeing (bands or artists that you actually had a living chance to see). Here is my Top 5:

Tom Waits – truly unique artists with a treasure chest overfilled with brilliant songs

Pantera – big metal heroes of my teens

Nirvana – was into metal, not grunge, when they were around but they grown rapidly on me over the years

Eels – sounds like a band falling down the stairs, great stuff

Nick Cave – Mr. Talent and Mr. Cool

I’m guessing that Waits, Pantera and Nirvana (for obvious reasons) will be live experiences that I have to live without.

Eels were at the program for this years Primavera Festival in Barcelona which I’m attending but was sadly taken of the program again. Though I’m pretty confident that both Eels and Cave will rock me live anytime soon.

Which gig’s did you miss?


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