Tune in and turn it up: List of library related podcasts


It took me a little while to get hooked on podcasts but now I’m all in; I listen to podcasts about Danish rap history, football, crime stories, cycling, food etc. And libraries of cource.

A while back I made the list of library related hashtags and library themed songs which seemed to be of great joy to people around Library Town so I’ve decided to compile a list of library related podcasts as well – there are some really good ones out there.

List of library related podcasts (please ping me if you got a great podcast to the list)

Librarypunk – a library worker podcast
Podcast on various interesting subjects in libraries and librarianship like commulism and transformative aggreements. Always have great guests onboard .

Turbitt & Duck – The Library Podcast by Sally Turbitt and Amy Walduck
Stories from amazing people who do amazing things in libraries and beyond from Australia and the rest of the world

 Librarians Aloud by Laura Rooney Ferris
Independent podcast by librarians for library & information professionals. Each episode features a guest from the information profession telling their origin story, sharing insight into their career path and discussing the future of information and knowledge sharing and discovery

Circulating Ideas by Steve Thomas
Circulating Ideas is an interview podcast with library professionals on various subjects. 150 interviews is up to this date

Banned Library Podcast
Podcast about books and movies that has been banned at some library at some point in history

Librarians with Lives by Jo Wood
Thoughts and talks about continuing professional development

Road to Open Science Podcast by Utrecht Young Academy
Podcast about Open Science and what it can do for research? The podcast follows the path to open science through the perspective of researchers (not librarians)

Librarians Unhushed by Bella Vista Public Library
Talks about books, movies, life in a library and a lot of other stuff

Better Library Leaders by Sarah Clark
Thoughts and talks about library leadership

Dewey Decibel by American Library Association
Monthly podcast featuring conversations with library professionals, authors, scholars etc. on a huge range of subjects

Book Squad Podcast
Join Lawrence Public Librarians and Book Squad members Polli Kenn and Kate Gramlich for some bookish banter straight into your ears

Library Matters
Podcast of Montgomery County Public Libraries. Each episode we explore the world of books, libraries, technology, and learning

Shout for Libraries
Podcast about librarians and the issues that matter to them on CJSR

Lost in the Stacks
Music, interviews, and library talk united by a common theme picked by staff from Geogia Tech Library

The Pod(y) in the Library by Matt Imrie
A podcast about being a librarian, books and anything else to do with Libraries

Library Land Loves
Library Professionals are passionate about a lot of things. Be it the pop media they consume or the databases that drive their libraries, Library Land Loves A Lot!

Public Libraries Online by Public Library Association (PLA)
Podcast about issues and topics that matter to public libraries and public librarianship. PLA is a subdivision to American Library Association

The Librarian Is In
The Librarian Is In is the New York Public Library’s podcast about books, culture, and what to read next

Cook Memorial Public Library Podcast
Podcast that features book recommendations, library news, discussions, author interviews, local history stories, and a whole lot more

Swedish podcast from Chalmers Library on work with User Experience (UX) in libraries. Most episodes are in Swedish but some are also featured in English

Reading with Libraries
Two-fold podcast by Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange: 1) Chat about books, and to have fun doing it! 2) Help library people in their Reader’s Advisory work!

Linking our Libraries
Podcast about leadership and library skills training by Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange

Book Bites Quickie Podcast
Quick 5 min diskussions on books by while you are waiting for your pizza. Made by Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange

Yarra Libraries Podcast
All about libraries podcast from the City of Yarra, Australia

Shelve Under
Podcast by Toronto Public Library with monthly discussions with writers, public figures, library workers and other notable people

Live Mic: The best of Toronto Public Library Conversations
Conversations with some of today’s best-known writers, thinkers and personalities

Library Figures
Podcast about library marketing and outreach

Nonsuch University Librarynth
In the fertile lands of green and leafy Surrey is situated the world-renowned Nonsuch University (est. 1542), at the heart of which lies the magical and mysterious Librarynth, a place of spooky shenanigans and paranormal creatures that serves Nonsuch’s student population. Join the library staff in their trials and tribulations in our fortnightly podcast about the weird goings-on at this fine Tudor institution.

Library and GLAM interviews from Australia made by newCardigan

All things GLAM

Overdue Finds
Podcast by Edmonton Public Library with conversations about books, movies, music, pop culture and other great things happening in Edmonton

Dear Reader
Podcast by Melbourne Libraries with reading recommendations and chatter about books, hosted by Bern and Louise

Desert Island Books
Catch up with Melbourne identities as they share what they would read on their desert island, hosted by Natalie Mason

No Librarians Allowed
A podcast about libraries, technology, and people at the center of them. Thoughtful, in-depth conversations with real humans who use tech and libraries

VU Library Live Podcast
A talk show and podcast featuring interviews with researchers, lecturers and field experts from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, about new developments in academia

Our Digital Future
All things library and digital on KUCI running from 2010 to 2013

So what?
A podcast about library and information science research and why it matters

The Library Pros
Libraries, library tech and everything in between

Open Science Talk
Podcast on all things open science from The University Library of The Arctic University of Norway

Not a Rocking Chair Librarian
Candid conversations about the changes and shifts taking place in K-12 librarianship with thought leaders, authors, teachers, district and school level leaders, teacher librarians, and students. 

Living Libraries Podcast
The podcast all about Oxford’s libraries and librarians who look after them.

Deerfield Public Library Podcast
Monthly episodes featuring in-depth interviews with notable guests, including community leaders, authors, artists, and others.

Bellwether Friends Podcast
Podcasting librarians talking about pop culture

Library Leadership Podcast
Features real library leaders discussing important issues in libraries today

T is for Training
Chats about training and skill development in libraries

Teen Title Talk
Two great librarians discuss YA books

Check Your Shelf
Get to know the inside of Oakland Public Library

Book Club for Masochists: A Readers’ Advisory Podcast
A Readers’ Advisory Podcast about becoming better library staff by reading books we hate

Checked Out: The Euclid Public Library podcas
Podcast of the Euclid Public Library with talks about books, movies, library services, events and interviews with community members

Stork Storytime Talks by North Liberty Community Library
All the stories!

School Librarians United with Amy Hermon
A podcast dedicated to the nuts and bolts of running a successful school library.  Tune in to learn all about the issues and challenges school librarians face everyday

A teen produced podcast for Howard County Library System

Stacks and Stories Podcast
Library stories from Mississippi Library Commission

Page Turn
Library talks from the Largo Public Library

Nonfiction Friends!
Podcast from Osceola County Library. Each week they pick out a subject found in the nonfiction section and try to educate the audience in 20 min

PLP Fiction
Various fiction talks by Dallas Public Library

The Librarian’s Guide to Teaching
Podcast hosted by two instruction librarians sharing their experiences teaching information literacy, discussing current trends, and having meaningful conversations about librarianship.

Librarian Influencer
Expert interviews, action steps, and behind-the-shelves secrets from veteran school librarians

Know of a great library related podcast that should be added to the list? Don’t hesitate to ping me

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  1. perhaps these might be some additions?

    The Desk Set Podcast | King County Library System

    The Librarian Is In Podcast | NYPL

    Open Science Talk, University Library, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

    Public Libraries online | Public Library Association

    School Librarians United

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  2. … and some more from a @ZBW_MediaTalk blog post (https://www.zbw-mediatalk.eu/de/2015/09/podcasts-bibliotheken-lass-mal-hoeren/):

    British Library Podcasts


    Library of Congress Podcasts

    S.S. Librarianship [seems to have stopped, but old episodes still available]

    T is for Training

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