Share, inspire, connect: Library related Twitter hashtags

Twitter is an outstanding tool for gaining inspiration  with whatever turns you on and engaging with people of similar interests. For me Twitter has been a major boost for my professional life in terms of insights, inspiration, debates and network with the global library community.

I slowly started using Twitter in 2012 when I was on the TICER Summer School in Tillburg and it took me a while to crack the code and come to a place where I got the full potential of this great tool. A part of it was related to the size of the network; where do you even start to build your professional learning network on Twitter? Well, a good place to start is via hashtags that binds various topics and discussions together. So if you are library newbie to Twitter or just want to go exploring on library and library related hashtags here is a list (got additions to the list please write them in the commentary section):

Mobile Hashtag Horizontal Concept

Everyday library life

There is a number of hashtags that a great for sharing and get inspiration on what’s going on in everyday library land.


A quiet broad hashtag which is often used in tweets related to the daily experiences librarians do in there job around the world.

#libraryproblems or #librarianproblems

You often find broken staplers or jammed printers under this hashtag


A hashtag to unite all the happiness and sorrow of librarians working the weekends

Roll call for all the amazing library workers making a difference on a Sunday


On of my fave hashtags that contains all the awesome socks, cardigans, glasses and cat sweaters out there – librarians got style yo!


Diving into the world of reference librarians


Twitter chats are excellent for discussions on various subjects with a quit broad and diverse group of people, get inspiration and connect with others. Some chats is organized with questions on topic published in advance, moderators and suggested readings. Others are more casual organized.


Chats on technology within education and instruction. The hashtag is both used in actual chats but also appears in Tweets disconnected to a chat.


Monthly chat hosted by Radical Librarian Collective about an article or research paper relevant to the principles upon which Radical Librarians Collective operates: challenging, provoking, improving and developing the communications between like-minded radicals, to galvanise our collective solidarity against the marketisation of libraries.


To my knowledge a hashtag started by Hack Library School but I’m not sure it’s currently function as an actually hashtag for live chats (but I might be mistaken) but it got some fair use on relevant content.


A monthly discussion group on library related issues and topics. The organization and participation of #UKlibchat is always great – read more here:


Critlib is short for “critical librarianship,” a movement of library workers dedicated to bringing social justice principles into our work in libraries. The Critlib chats are always really well prepared with suggested readings on the current chat topic, well moderated and with a lot of great thoughts and discussions on librarianship. Read more: 


Chat hosted by Australian Library and Information Association’s New Graduates Advisory Council (ALIA NGAC) on different topics related to libraries and librarianship. Even though it’s hosted from Australia I find the topics of chats relevant for the global library community. Read more:


Chat on broad trends and topics in the library and information industries including education and job search. Read more:


Mashcat is a mashed library event / community focussing on cataloguing data and is for cataloguers, developers and anyone else with an interest in how library catalogue data can be created, manipulated, used and re-used by computers and software. They got a very cool archive with all previous chats + link to Storify:

This hashtag also function as a subject specific hashtag for tweets on cataloguing data. Read more:


Chat for librarians working with teaching and instructions. Hashtag is also used regular on tweets relevant to teacher librarians. Check  for info an chat dates.


Quarterly chats on healthcare topics like health literacy, health information and data mangement within the healthcare industry. Started by The National Network for Libraries in Medicine, NNLM:


Discussing all things new professional, library school etc.

Subject specific hashtags 


Things involving data services and working with data in libraries

#UXlibs and #libux

All things User Experience and Libraries – very active hashtag with lots of great content.


All things library web services


The hashtag for tweets involving activities connected to International Librarians Network (ILN). ILN is a peer-mentoring facilitated program aimed at helping librarians develop international networks. Read more about ILN:  


An extremely broad hashtag with everything related to Open Access. Much is the stuff is not from a library point of view but I only find that valuable and of inspiration.


Great hashtag on all things scholarly communication


A evidence-based library and information practice reading group / chat


Stuff on technology in libraries but also holds some noise because it’s used by a snowboard company…


Great and very active hashtag about all things related til information literacy and libraries.


Very active hashtags for health librarianship and  medical librarians. There are also regional hashtags in extension to the main one: #canmedlibs and #ukmedlibs are pretty active.


Tweets on law librarianship. The hashtag #lawlibs is sometimes also used for tweets on this subject.


Great and active hashtag on gender issues in library leadership. Important input and discussions taking place here.


A great hashtag for libraries and librarians supporting and working towards justice for asylum seekers and refugees.

#cataloging and #cataloguing

All the good stuff about one of the core skills of librarianship

All things School Libraries and School Librarians inkluding a monthly Twitter Chat

Readers advisory

Were you can get help from amazing librarians across the planet

Keep ’em coming

I’m positive that the above list of library related hashtags is far from comprehensive but hopefully it can get some library folks new to Twitter going and be of inspiration for some Twitter old timers. If there is any Hashtags that should be added to the list please write them in the commentary field

Happy sharing, inspiring and connecting




  1. Hey there, Christian,

    Thanks for the roundup! Super useful. There are a couple long-running hashtags around library user experience and library web services, #libux and #libweb respectively. There’s a corresponding #libux open group on Facebook, too, and a slack channel with a few hundred folks in it.


  2. Hi Thanks for this!
    #Interlibnet should be added – The International Librarians Network who connects library peer mentors from around the world. It’s a twice-yearly occurrence


  3. Hi There! You might like to add #llrg, which is a Library Leadership Reading Group. It is a monthly chat for those keen on leadership and libraries.


  4. Thanks for the great list.
    Perhaps you could add

    A few months old. Started in Australia but spreading.



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